8.Finance: Welcome to Polygon Village

What is a Polygon Village?

It is a full-stack ecosystem for developers to grow and better themselves, and for our project, this is important because we are developing in a bear market, where investors don’t trust the market.

But still, why do we do it now?

In a bear market during the global economic crisis, each opportunity to make an extra income is very demanding and capable of attracting huge attendance. It is the best time to start a project that can go viral.

Be prepared for the crypto game of 2022 and try it out now: https://snake-for-crypto.onrender.com/

What problem does 8.Finance solve?

  1. For users (b2c business model). We solve the problem of a safe and easy entry into the Cryptocurrency World for those who were previously afraid or didn’t want to enter it because of the risks and difficulties in learning.
  2. The mission for cryptocurrency and non-cryptocurrency projects (b2b business model) is to increase awareness of the project among the target audience, develop the community and conduct effective promotions with high conversion and a small budget.
  3. In the future, after the implementation of the Step-by-step launchpad (b2b & b2c business model) — we will solve the problem of fundraising for startups and additional investment opportunities for members of our community.

Why do we know that 8.Finance will succeed? Why does the market need our project?

First of all,

All in all

We have come up with a unique combination of the classic game, modern DeFi solutions, and mass education. The tokenomics of the project includes 20 incentives to maintain the value of the $8F token, our model is approved by PhDs in mathematics.



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The 8 Finance

The 8 Finance

8.Finance is an educational platform with a simple game that helps everyone easily get into Crypto: for free, without any knowledge and risks