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4 min readAug 31, 2022


8.Finance has received a grant from a Polygon Village: https://village.polygon.community/! We are ready to receive your congratulations

What is a Polygon Village?

It is a full-stack ecosystem for developers to grow and better themselves, and for our project, this is important because we are developing in a bear market, where investors don’t trust the market.

But still, why do we do it now?

In a bear market during the global economic crisis, each opportunity to make an extra income is very demanding and capable of attracting huge attendance. It is the best time to start a project that can go viral.

Where else can someone enter the crypto for free?

Where can someone just collect tokens on the playing field?

Who will give you BNB for gas?

Where can you watch short videos about crypto and get rewards for it?

If I knew a project like this, I would for sure send a ref link to all my friends: https://8.finance/

Be prepared for the crypto game of 2022 and try it out now: https://snake-for-crypto.onrender.com/

What problem does 8.Finance solve?

  1. For users (b2c business model). We solve the problem of a safe and easy entry into the Cryptocurrency World for those who were previously afraid or didn’t want to enter it because of the risks and difficulties in learning.
  2. The mission for cryptocurrency and non-cryptocurrency projects (b2b business model) is to increase awareness of the project among the target audience, develop the community and conduct effective promotions with high conversion and a small budget.
  3. In the future, after the implementation of the Step-by-step launchpad (b2b & b2c business model) — we will solve the problem of fundraising for startups and additional investment opportunities for members of our community.

Why do we know that 8.Finance will succeed? Why does the market need our project?

First of all,

Our solution is an easy and native first acquaintance with crypto through a mobile game. Further, step-by-step videos and text instructions help you master all the popular 8.Finance cryptocurrency services. The main motivation for the user is to withdraw the tokens earned in the game.

If you check the game “Slither.io” on Google play, you will see 500M+ downloads. Our total market is all players of “Slither.io” and other snake games + any other popular mobile games + current crypto users (approximately > 1 bln people in total). The Snake game is one of the most popular and we are sure, if gamers will have fun with our gameplay and also will be able to earn some money — it will give a viral effect. Plus, there will be a referral program, which will stimulate users to share the game with others. Our goal for the first year is to attract 1 mln players as a minimum.


In a highly competitive market such as cryptocurrency, the growth and development of the community are critical. Our service makes it possible to conduct corporate airdrops, tournaments, and educational quizzes within the game. Our main advantage is Proof-of-play. Bots and fake accounts simply will not be able to participate in the promotion, as for this they will have to take part in the game and collect a reward on the playing field. Thanks to the metrics received from marketplaces, we will be able to provide targeted advertising through our application and conduct promotions for the partner’s target audience, which will increase conversion and reduce advertising costs. Carrying out promotions through the game is fun and unusual for the user, plus it is a material motivation to earn promo tokens and 8.Finance tokens.


During the year after the launch, we plan to attract at least 100,000 unique users to our platform. These are active users of our community who will vote in the DAO and decide which project to invest in. The 8.Finance platform will support the community with its own funds, which were collected from the Investment Vault by redistributing the commission for using the platform services at 1%

All in all

We have come up with a unique combination of the classic game, modern DeFi solutions, and mass education. The tokenomics of the project includes 20 incentives to maintain the value of the $8F token, our model is approved by PhDs in mathematics.

Our business model is very sustainable and scalable since we can cooperate with crypto projects and non-crypto as well. We are working legally and following all regulatory requirements. This has allowed us to develop partnerships with big players in the e-commerce and retail market such as Amazon, Walmart, Alibaba Group, eBay, Otto, Netflix, Lazada, Shopee, Grab, Foodpanda, Uber, etc.

Our approach contains zero level of a threshold for user, play-to-earn & study-to-earn concept + collaboration with many partners in airdrop and Edu programs + native referral system into the game. All those things will boost our project and allow us to lead the mobile games market and crypto market.

We will noticeably help the market, that’s why Polygon has chosen us for its program Polygon Village

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8.Finance is an educational platform with simple games that helps everyone easily get into Crypto: for free, without any knowledge and risks