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4 min readDec 15, 2022


Are you also very interested in the crypto world, following the rise of this industry with interest, but do not know where to start to be a part of it?

At this point, we would like to introduce you to a project designed to make it easier for you to take your first step into the world of crypto and realize what you don’t know about it: 8.Finance.

8.Finance is simply an educational platform where anyone who wants to learn about cryptocurrencies can do so through a simple game without paying any fees or risk.

But in addition to that, 8.Finance is also a marketing platform. Through this branch, 8.Finance assists various crypto projects in attracting new users and satisfying their existing communities through airdrops, tournaments, and tutorial videos.

Although it’s always on the trends and the informations about it in the media are false the crypto world is heard by many people, the crypto market is in a situation where it has many mysteries hidden in itself. One of the reasons for this, of course, is that people from the industry cannot empathize while describing this technology, and it makes the event incomprehensible and intimidating for a beginner with very technical information and industry jargon from time to time.

At this point, 8.Finance comes up with the idea to allow the cards to be scattered again. They explain everything through a game, making this complicated industry the simplest and most fun possible. The method they use to do this is quite interesting.

You must remember the snake game that almost all of us played on our flip phones when smartphones were unavailable in the market. 8.Finance is a bridge between this snake game that we are all familiar with and the crypto world. With the Snake for Crypto game, you can collect real cryptocurrencies on the playground using a snake.

Sounds fun, right? Just by playing a simple and free snake game, you can participate in fun-filled activities, watch short videos, and in return, get a chance to win real cryptocurrencies as a reward. Moreover, you do not need a crypto wallet to start playing the game. As a result, you can have a chance to learn a lot about the crypto world, starting from the very basics, through a simple game.

8.Finance’s Mission and Problems It Solves

8.Finance is not about making a technological revolution. Instead, it is to develop existing technologies and applications that are currently being used by adapting them to the rapidly evolving and developing crypto money market through a professional team.

We have already explained that 8.Finance aims to solve many problems with the features we have mentioned so far. One of them is to ensure that cryptocurrencies, which have existed for more than 20 years, still need to reach 96% of the population and are adopted by the people. 8.Finance, on the other hand, aims to enable people to get to know the crypto world and take a step without paying any fee or taking any risk, using only a casual game.

Another problem that 8.Finance wants to solve is making people invest more confidently, primarily by eliminating the lack of knowledge in crypto the crypto field. In line with this purpose, it aims to effectively teach people how different services in Web 3.0 work by producing content such as simple guides and short tutorial videos. At the same time, it aims to increase the users’ learning motivation with a system in which users receive various awards as they watch videos and solve simple tests related to these videos.

In addition, 8.Finance aims to prove that DeFi can be reliable and profitable by raising the security standards in the industry through various services such as Edufi and GameFi.

Unlike many cryptocurrency projects that do not even publish the description of their tokens or wallet addresses, 8.Finance also provides an excellent transparency environment thanks to its legal structure and crypto license. In addition, the project has autonomous mechanisms that minimize manual interventions by adhering to the principles of decentralization.

The main goal of 8.Finance is to be the leader in the Crypto EduFi and GameFi market. For this, unlike many projects in the crypto sector, a long-term plan and roadmap has been created. It creates a win-win model by creating useful and sought-after services for both users, partners and investors by creating a basic level of awareness among users about how blockchain and cryptocurrencies works or what its potential risks are.

As a result, 8.Finance emerges as an educational and marketing platform with the philosophy of applying simple solutions to solve big problems. 8. Finance, which gives a clear answer to the question of whether a simple game can add value to the crypto community, seems to be the perfect fit for you if you are one of those people who want to step into this world and cannot decide where to start.

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8.Finance is an educational platform with simple games that helps everyone easily get into Crypto: for free, without any knowledge and risks