Limited Pre-Seed Round on Herity Launchpad

4 min readMay 11, 2023

We are thrilled to announce a limited token sale on the launchpad!

Scroll down to see the instructions on How to participate is a launchpad that aims to provide to its users the opportunity to invest in verified and transparent Web3 projects at the same or nearly the same conditions as VCs and Angels.

3,333,330 $8F tokens will be sold on their launchpad at the price and terms of the Pre-Seed round with one significant difference: normally the minimum purchase amount in this round is $100k, but we made an exception for the HeritySeed launchpad — minimum purchase amount is only $1.

We are launching this event to celebrate our official partnership with Coinstore:

Coinstore is a centralized exchange with an average daily trading volume of over $300 million, has 2,8+ million registered users and 250,000+ community members.

8.Finance we will be Coinstore’s official P2E and Educational partner, they will help us reach VCs and Angels, improve our product and services.

By holding this event, we seek to increase community engagement and lay the basis to form a club of project’s ambassadors and evangelists for its future massive expansion.

Some information about 8.Finance:

  • Demo of the game is on the BNB Chain, it is already available for iOS, Android, Browser, try it!
  • In-game Tournaments and Airdrops were held for our partners with real tokens and NFTs
  • Website was nominated for awwwards, FWA and CSS Design Awards
  • Project has already raised $520k on the Pre-Seed and Seed Rounds
  • 8.Finance has elaborate tokenomics audited by experts (99 pages, find in the Docs), 8F token is hyper-deflationary, governance and utility
  • Smart contracts of the 8F token were audited by Paladin and Mundus Security
  • Professional team and advisors, team passed KYC from RugDoc
  • 200+ partners: BNB Chain (we participate in KickStart program), Polygon (gave us a $50k grant), Coinstore (we are their official P2E and Web3 Education partner), Gotbit (they incubate our project), etc.

Find more information about 8.Finance in our Whitepaper and LinkTree.

How to participate?

1. You should have a wallet that supports BNB Chain (for example, Metamask), BUSD to purchase tokens and some BNB for to pay for gas (fees that BNB Chain charges for transactions)

2. Create account on — link

3. Pass KYC and connect your wallet here — link

4. To purchase 8F tokens on the launchpad you should have HER tokens in your wallet, that is the token of the HeritySeed launchpad.

Number of HER tokens depends on the amount of BUSD you want to invest, for each BUSD you should have 20 HER tokens.

For example, you want to invest $50 BUSD, so you should have 50 x 20 = 1,000 HER tokens in your wallet. For $20 BUSD investment: 20 x 20 = 400 HER tokens.

You can sell HER tokens after the token sale is finished.

Please, note, that there is an 8% sell tax on HER tokens.

You can purchase HER tokens on the Pancake Swap DEX — link.

5. Purchase 8F tokens on the project’s page on the — link

Here’s a detailed video tutorial:

Token Sale information

Token name: 8F

Period: 11 May 2023–31 May 2023

Number of tokens to be sold: 3,333,330 pcs. (<0.4% of all tokens, 888,888,888 pcs.)

Price per token: $0.01

Soft cap: $3,000

Hard cap: $33,333

TGE date: when we reach 10,000 Daily Active Users in the Snake for Crypto game, but no later than Q1 2024

% of unlock at the TGE, Cliff, Vesting: Pre-Seed Round terms

If you wish to invest more than the available allocation on, use our website: or contact us by using our Telegram bot.

By purchasing tokens you agree with the Token purchase agreement, Terms and Conditions

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask them in our Telegram chat or bot

Very important!

No admin or moderator will ever contact you on Telegram or any other communication means to request information, funds or to offer you $8F tokens for sale. The only relevant source of information about the project is its official website and social networks.

Thank you,

8.Finance team


This communication and any accompanying materials are for information purposes only, and should not be construed as investment or any other advice and are not meant to be a solicitation or recommendation to buy, sell, or hold any 8F tokens (the “Tokens”). This communication does not constitute or form part of an offer, solicitation or invitation of any offer to buy the Tokens, nor should it form the basis of, or be relied in any connection with, any contract or commitment whatsoever.

The information in this communication is qualified in its entirety by, and subject to, the more detailed information found in the whitepaper published by 8.Finance and accessible at

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8.Finance is an educational platform with simple games that helps everyone easily get into Crypto: for free, without any knowledge and risks