Snake for Crypto: What You Need to Know

4 min readJun 6, 2022


Update from July 2022. We have updated and improved the concept of the game. Information in this article is no longer relevant. Please, find all the details about Snake for Crypto in our Gitbook

We are proud to present Snake for Crypto, a core component of the 8.Finance platform! This is a free play-to-earn game inspired by the legendary multiplatform hit game Snake. The key difference is that you don’t just collect points to make your snake longer, but you also collect our 8G and 8F tokens, as well as our partners’ cryptocurrencies. The game will be available on PC, iOS and Android.

Snake For Crypto features several multiplayer modes: General, Battle Royale (free-for-all survival), Promotional Tournament (featuring cool prizes from 8.Finance and partners) and Harvesting (paid access to games with large amounts of 8F and other valuable assets such as BUSD).

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How to Earn with Snake for Crypto

Snake for Crypto players can collect both 8G and 8F tokens on the playing field (as well as other cryptocurrencies), but 8F offers more opportunities such as generating passive income. The table below elaborates on the functionality of 8G and 8F tokens:

Besides, Snake for Crypto is a platform where other projects can hold Airdrops, including all projects from The Safest Launchpad.

One Game for Everyone

However, the game is just the beginning. After getting into the game, players might want to move one step further and earn more with our DeFI services such as staking, farming and our very own DEX.

For newbies.

It all starts with the game: you play, you earn tokens, you want to use them further. And we are here to help: we assist at each step, to the point where you can collect BNB on the playing field.

For beginner investors.

Need a hand with exploring all the abundance of projects that flood the market from day to day? Snake for Crypto will not only allow you to acquire some tokens from future gems but will also present you the easiest way to invest in the early stages on The Safest Launchpad, where projects raise funds.

For NFT fans.

Later on users may explore the MetaFi Marketplace, where they can try out more crypto games for free, trade items from conventional games like CS:Go for crypto and buy NFT collectibles.

For projects.

8.Finance offers the spotlight to each and every crypto project looking for an investment round. And Snake for Crypto is the best chance to prove yourself and draw attention not only from VCs and institutional investors but from common crypto supporters as well.

You can create your own Airdrops in-game. Users will have to complete your tasks such as subscribing to socials, reposting, inviting friends, and so on. Upon completing these tasks, they will gain access to your project’s playing field, where they can collect your coins or tokens.

The need to collect tokens specifically through playing eliminates bots, which are a very common problem when conducting Airdrops: 1 botmaster can create multiple accounts to increase their chances of winning. Because of that, projects don’t benefit from Airdrops, and money is being thrown around like confetti, since bots do not support projects, show activity in socials, use services or mention them.

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For 8.Finance investors and token holders.

The game attracts lots of users to the 8.Finance project and stimulates redemption and burning of 8F tokens, because it combines B2C and B2B business models where 8F tokens are in demand both among ordinary users (to buy game features, new skins and improve their snake) and among cryptocurrency projects, which can conduct Airdrops in the game. In order to conduct Airdrops you have to pay a fee consisting of two parts: one part goes to the redemption and burning of 8F, the other part goes to the redemption of 8f and its subsequent distribution on the project’s playing field. Moreover, in this case a project also advertise 8.Finance itself by mentioning it in their socials.

Snake for Crypto is not just a fun play-to-earn game. It is an entry point not only into 8.Finance’s MetaFi platform, but in the crypto market in general.

By the way, there will soon be an Airdrop of $6,120 worth of 8F and BUSD. Stay tuned for updates!

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